TBK: Episode 11

The Playhouse
+ Interview with Leonard Maltin

Talking with LEONARD MALTIN about Buster Keaton!  We discuss Mr. Maltin’s friendship with Buster’s widow, Eleanor, Keaton’s place in cinema history, and that day in New York when Leonard met Buster.

The Playhouse
Directed by Buster Keaton and Mal St. Claire
Release Date: October 6, 1921
Total Running Time: 22 minutes

After dreaming that he is the dancers, orchestra, crew and audience, Buster finds his real life in the theater to be no less hectic.  He's got to imitate a monkey, lead a dance troupe, avoid kicks, punches, and a flood, and make sure he marries the correct twin.

Buster Keaton: The Whole Show; Assistant Stage Manager
Joe Roberts: Stage Manager, Zouave Guard
Virginia Fox: A Twin

CLICK HERE to listen to: MALTIN on MOVIES PODCAST (Keaton and Chaplin)


TBK: Episode 10

The Goat
+ Interview with Imogen Sara Smith

Directed by Buster Keaton and Mal St. Claire
Release Date: July 14, 1921
Total Running Time: 27 minutes

After Buster is mistaken for a wanted murderer, he finds himself on the run from the terrified citizenry and the determined police department.

Buster Keaton: The Scapegoat
Joe Roberts: Policeman
Virginia Fox: Policeman's Daughter
Mal St. Clair (?): 'Dead Shot' Dan
Eddie Cline: Cop by Telephone Pole

TBK: Episode 9

The High Sign
+ Slate's Dana Stevens

This week we discuss The High Sign with -- who else? -- @TheHighSign!  That is Dana Stevens, film critic at Slate and co-host of Slate's Culture Gabfest.

Directed by Buster Keaton and Edward Cline
Release Date: April 21, 1921
Total Running Time: 21 minutes

When Buster finds himself assigned to kill the very gentleman he's been hired to protect, he has to choose between his commitment to his new society and his yearning to commit to the gentleman's daughter. 

Buster Keaton: The Man
Bartine Burkett Zane: Miss Nickelnurser
Al St. John: Man Hit During Target Practice

TBK: Episode 8

Hard Luck
+ Interview with Jack Dragga

Directed by Buster Keaton and Edward Cline
Release Date: March 16, 1921
Total Running Time: 21 minutes

Buster's feeling of failure are compounded when he can't even seem to kill himself.  But the sight of a beautiful belle brightens his spirits, and the chase is on to win her heart.

Buster Keaton: Unlucky Man
Virginia Fox: Fox Hunter
Joe Roberts: Lizard Lip Luke

TBK: Episode 7 - Teller Talks Buster Keaton

The Haunted House
+ Interview with Teller

Directed by Buster Keaton and Edward Cline
Release Date: February 10, 1921
Total Running Time: 21 minutes


Buster the bank teller gets out of a sticky situation only to find himself in a house of horrors, chased by both police and counterfeiters, not to mention ghosts, headless ghouls, and the devil himself. 

Buster Keaton: Bank Teller
Virginia Fox: Bank Director's Daughter
Joe Roberts: Bank Cashier
Eddie Cline: Man Whose Pants Become Glued

This week, we are honored to present an interview with TELLER (the smaller, quieter half of the legendary, Emmy award-winning magic duo Penn & Teller).  

In looking for the comedic descendants of Buster Keaton, we scoured the earth for silent, relatively straight-faced artists of stage and screen, with an aptitude for magic, a mastery of elegant gags, brilliantly funny, who was lucky enough to have spent time with Eleanor Keaton.  

We found one. The only one. 

Teller only sits for the rarest of interviews, but nothing gets sound out of a silent man like talking about the intricacies of comedy, the magic of Harry Houdini, the theory of the straight face, and the brilliance of Buster Keaton.


TBK: Episode 6

+ Interview with John Bengtson

Visit John Bengton's blog: https://silentlocations.wordpress.com/


Directed by Buster Keaton and Edward Cline
Release Date: December 22, 1920
Total Running Time: 18 minutes

In this backyard Romeo and Juliet tale of fence-crossing lovers, Buster and his Girl have to outwit their parents, the police, and the laws of physics if they hope to live happily ever after.

Buster Keaton: The Boy
Virginia Fox: The Girl
Joe Roberts: Her Father
Joe Keaton: His Father
Eddie Cline: The Cop
James (or Jack) Duffy: The Judge
The Flying Escalantes: The Boy's Friends

TBK: Episode 3

Convict 13
+ Interview with Dana Stevens from Slate.com's Culture Gabfest Podcast

On this episode, we debate golf swings, prison vestibules and the guillotine, as we look into Buster Keaton's second silent short, CONVICT 13.  We then speak with Slate film critic Dana Stevens about her upcoming book on Keaton and his times.

TBK: Episode 2

One Week
+ Interview with Ken Gordon
+ Interview with David Pearson

On this second episode of Talking Buster Keaton, we talk about Keaton's first masterpiece, which just happened to be his first release as a director.  

Ken Gordon walks and talks us through Keaton's childhood and early film career.

David Pearson uncovers the secrets of ONE WEEK's amazing house(s).